Just an average ATLA/LOK spazzer. I don't bite.
At least not all the time.


LOL yeah, already?

I’m changing the URL to movinglol.tumblr.com FOR NOW, and I’m making a blog and will link you momentarily.

Sorry gaaaaiz :P

Well this is annoying.

So this blog is not my main blog, but I want it to be.

I just started it up, and I earned a few followers along the way, but it’s frustrating because I want this to be my main blog now -___- For me, getting follower is a bit of a big deal, so for me to move again is like….oh great, just lost those followers. Gotta earn them all over again. D:

I wish there was a way for you to make an additional blog your main blog on Tumblr. D:<

the-jcrew-asian sent: My friend and I just started a LoK/ATLA blog, ishipmakorra. Do you mind giving it a look? :) ps. YOUR BLOG GAVE ME SO MANY FEELS

No probs! I like your blog :D IT GAVE ME FEELS AS WELL!
And haha my blog is kind of a derp. Most of my posts consist of me just flailing and exploding everywhere LOL. But thanks! :)  

55,611 plays

wait nope, and then the scarred guy just killed tucker and nina and now I’m like bawling even more ASFJKDLSJFKDLS;AFDS;

wait my feelings

So I just started FMAB today, and I’m on the 4th episode where that bastard guy uses Nina and Alexander to create a chimera that talks and holy shit my feelings

that thing was all like

"let’s play"

and I’m sitting here like


commence sobbing in 3